Perfume (The Dreaming Mix)

Perfumes mean a lot to me and I have spent so much of my past collecting them, I love them. However, I have a few regrets when it comes to my perfume collection. So many perfumes I’ve gotten rid of prematurely, ones that I should’ve kept. I’m not a person big on worry, but the perfume thing really stabs me sometime. Curious Heart is a good example. I looked through my library to find pictures of my perfume collection in the past and turns out I have plenty of pictures. So usually on Worry Just Enough I don’t add any pictures in the post themselves but this one I’m actually going to include pictures. Just of my old perfume collections. The point here is to shed that guilt like it’s nothing, like I have no more regret for this. I’ve gotten rid of so many perfumes in my life. Let me show you. I’ll start first with the biggest perfume collection I’ve ever had – this was in like 2016 or something. I started collecting perfumes in like 2011.

That’s a good transformation. I’m not even sure exactly with the years for this one but that was my biggest perfume collection I had. Like 2016. But in 2013 I did this really cool perfume photoshoot, it was of my Britney perfumes. Doing stuff like this early on in my life was definitely something. My current perfume collection is so small but it’s the featured photo of this post. I’ll even show you the perfume collection I had in 2019 and that’ll explain everything.

I thought that was a pretty great photoshoot. I regret getting rid of all of my Curious perfumes. One day I’ll reconcile that by getting another Curious Heart or something. What a waste to get rid of any of these. The next clear pictures I have of my perfume collection were taken at my dads in 2019 August probably, featured in my Save Yourself photoshoot.

I’ve ran out of all my Christina Aguilera perfumes since. At least running out of a perfume is very different than getting rid of it. But as you can tell I only have like 21 perfumes left and now they’re all just on my funky different black shelf and they’re in no condition for a photoshoot. I mean I moved them all back to my moms, reunited the whole collection. I’ll try to get good pictures but I guess there’s not that much of a point to it. The main point was my old perfume collections and the fact that I had them. Oh well, I’m excited for the future. I did this cute photoshoot in 2018 of a perfume, too. Eventually I’ll find my Purr body lotion & shower gel and that’ll be less of a regret.

This is the weirdest post I’ve ever done for Worry Just Enough. So many different picture options of my perfumes. Oh well, not like this post would work anywhere else. I think I’m doing the right thing. Running out of perfumes actually brings me joy because I’m really narrowing down my collection. And yes I regret getting rid of some of them, I really do. But that’s okay, every day is different. I have one picture of my perfume collection from my camera but it’s a crap picture compared to these. This is my current display of my perfumes. My bet is I’m not going to buy another perfume until I run out of two more of them. Like I said I only have 21 of them right now.

That picture doesn’t include a lot of them. I like that they’re now on a really deep black shelf on some Vogue book. So with the perfumes I have now I’m actually excited about the future. I keep saying things like that, I really do, but it’s true. Perfume is one of my favorite things in the world right now so I just had to do this whole thing. The post’s name is inspired by a Britney song. I have 8 Britney perfumes right now, none of the new cool ones or the remix perfumes but just the regular basic Britney perfumes. I loved that photoshoot I did with them, with the blur and the light. I edited and took all these pictures myself. Pretty cool hobby. Oh well I should probably sign off now so that’s the end of that. I’ll eventually not regret getting rid of all those perfumes but if I end up repurchasing them then holy crap that might suck. The amount of ways I can say this stuff. No worries that I don’t have them all on the white shelf anymore, collecting dust, I love my current collection anyway. I’ll actually write something else someday once I’ve experienced enough with this here perfume collection. It’s nothing compared to my concert collection at this point in life. A list of experiences. A-List VIP. I have some to say about concerts too but that’ll be another post. So oh well for now. Thanks for reading!


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