Light of the Fire

So, I have no idea how to change the featured posts at the top of this website so I guess it just looks like Ally. But I’m changing some things. I’ve been doing photoshoots out the wazoo so for some reason I’m going to keep attempting. Writing used to be something I kept getting better at but now it’s almost the halt problem. I’ve written about halt before actually, but what about go? What about being high in a moment that doesn’t reward you? Like how often do you do the things that excite you the most? I do it enough I think so what’s next? A trap? A complete instruction course on how to ring back to the blurry days that meant the world to me. Even Grey Daze makes complete sense to me, like an album. And all Mike’s volumes. That really resonates with me. Reason verses obtain is something I wrote in a journal lately and I really get the other ones. Reception journal page was like “Reaction to a lack thereof” or something. That’s not even nothing. But weird, right? Okay so Paid My Dues though is usually something that falls out or breaks like losing the playlist but “Something that is an obvious lacking of desired ambition is as well adapted or durating at a point of recognition” of such. Not like that changes this. This is something. An escape I suppose. It said something about perspectives, figuartive, comprehensive, then contextually. Those were the words I use. This is about drugs this is definitely a page that ripped out. I need to change how I write. My hands or voice are usually shaky. This isn’t a post I’m going to show many people. But let me get to the point.

To light a fire is to keep going and stop thinking of which words I’m using. My journals make less sense to me than I thought, actually. Maybe it’s just blogging. Something I’ve noticed about that is that is my halt. When I can’t finish a sentence for a cigarette. Never happens to me. But Lack of Communications is the backlighted Light of the Fire. I communicate well with others, sometimes without saying anything. Hopefully this changes something. That’s it, I’m changing my theme. Fear of Missing Out is the playlist I’m using today other than that paid my dues. I’ve feared missing out with my camera in the grass. With Sassy ready to post. Hopefully I can keep going, actually. So winding around and around will eventually help me. I don’t need to keep up with these things. So do I try hard enough?

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