To Us

It was a cloudy night but I was just seekin’ a star

One with her name on it, couldn’t be too far

Her love is present, it’s inside of you, it’s built in your brain

Not even like Audra and y’all’s genetics, it’s not the same

It’s insane

-ly beautiful


You used to stare up at the stars and talk to her for comfort

I just wanted to look up and tell her something just for comfort

For her soul, for her ashes, turned to stardust in your eyes

I promise to you Adriana I will love her with no disguise

Look in my eyes

Babygirl, your mother, the gods, your sister and your dad

I need them all to know that I want to love you so bad

But love you good and love you well

Kiss your head and tell you stories, wishing well

Fill it up. Twice a night I’ll fill that cup with wonderland

You know the place, the place you built for me and set me free

I don’t understand a world without you

I don’t care about a thing without you

Look into my eyes, I’m doing this for us

I take these meds for us it’s all for the trust

For the love, for the respect and the dignity

I promise you divinity

For all our lives, eternity.

No lying fee

Ain’t lying when I tell you all these things I sent from my third eye

With tiger’s eye

Donned on our left wrists

It’s such a twist

But you’re mine forever

It’s not legal marriage it’s better

It’s a spiritual bond, they don’t understand

When they interrupt like we’re playing a band

Get out of the sand

I’m stepping from this beach of lies

I’m waking up from the bed of lies they disguise

Try to cover me in sand, I ain’t about it. You see me fightin’ hard

But that’s only for our own justice

For my baby

You deserve the best

You deserve MY best you deserve 


Than I could spout if I were connected to a well

Wishing well I wish you well

As you go through life

As my wife

My pretty baby, my babydoll or my winded city or my wounded shrine

You will be mine

I will take your soul and save it

Watch me prove it, don’t trust me til it’s proven

I hope your heart is movin’, heart is drummin’, my beat of this song is my love

You’re never wrong, not with those eyes

I never see any bullshit lies

Except your disguise

Call Patrisha

Tell her to get a job in the malisha

I don’t care, she ain’t here, but when she is we’ll have a talk

Just get comfortable, my love and I’ll prove to you when I walk

I walk my walk, see me run it too

On a day that’s less of blue

I love you too

Be the one, the one who knows she loves me too

I love you most

Don’t hide behind every ghost

I promise you 

I promise you

But don’t believe it til I prove it

Hound me, remind me, hit me up

Abby you gotta fuck that shit up

Make it rain dollas, make it rain balance

Make the thunder warm when the lightning isn’t pretty

I promise you anything else but shitty

You’re too witty

I got an itty little bitty

Crush on you

On your face

Love you xo in our lace

Watch us dance, watch us down it

All the water we could find

I’m so proud of you, so proud of you, to call you mine


To us, forever. To us and beyond

For you, from me, to us, we’ll be

Everything you’ll need from me & more

Better than before

Or the last time or before or before

We’re old now

Have no worries, you’re safe with me

But it won’t be proven til you’re free, free to be

Be whatever. Be with me or be with free

-dom you ain’t dumb, trust your instinct

Hone it in and just know every minute

I’m here for a daily checkup

Sorry, I spelt milisecond wrong

But I’m here when you want and when you want it I’m gone

For a minute, for a night, for a day, but I’m a delight

But you’re moreso (;


You’re more

You’re always more

Than anything you thought before

Now I’m going to shower like I said

And then I’m going to read your novel

Never finished but very well said

This will make my love just stronger and smarter

you’ll see

With every amenity

that comes with me

For free

Babydoll you’re priceless and I’ll spend my life trynna pay

I’ll give you everything I got because you’re mine and I will stay. *heart emoji*

the end. epilogue – photoshoots (from my blogging passion) that we’ve done and music (from your writing & song making passion and melodic thought process daily) we’ve collaborated with…etc… you’re my soulmate because our souls intertwine so beautifully and obviously.

“Feelings” Photoshoot – April 19th, 2018 & Blog Post for your bday


The song I wrote & sang to the track that you produced & helped me make come to life… May 8th, 2018

Dark Side Photoshoot & upcoming blog post on (not yet released but soon) – April 30th, 2018


The song we first co-wrote together… – February 28th, 2018

“Outside” Photoshoot & dark af blog post (the only light being you in this one) – April 11th, 2018



And now hella throwing it back… You didn’t like photoshoots, and that’s an understatement. But you did this for me on our one-year anniversary at the pond at the lake where you first asked me out. I love you so much. – July 4th, 2016


April 2nd, 2018 trynna write this post:

Lately you and I have been in such sad moods. But I thought this post would really help us, because it’s not For You, it’s not From Me, it’s To Us.

Ally & Abby. The dynamic duo who have discovered love more potent than literally any other

You are the best thing that has existed in my life. We think about things and make them come true, and I’m glad I think of you enough to make you real and palpable in the palm of my love. Like seriously, you’re there and you’re real, as it’s been proven for so long.

And finally, my most favorite song ever written. You wrote and recorded this for mk,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,g//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////p;*********

Ok so Milkshake wants attention so she stepped on my keyboard and typed that. Now she’s on my mouse sobgvis could get interesting. Anyway while I was in jail and you we

3 +2kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk7\\\\\\\\hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyg

Ok she really wants attention. Me 38 hours in jail = you made me this song and it’s my favorite so I’m ending with this.

i love you, ally.


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  1. I love you so so so much more than my mind can begin to translate. You’re so amazing baby, my mama approves of you. She really really does…and thats saying a lot (; she really loved me. And so do love me so patiently, so selflessly, so kindly. Thank you, my beautiful girl. Your soul and your heart are so wondrously radient. 3ish years later and Im still shook that you even like me. I feel like I meet you all over every day and fall in love with you more in every second. I love you, i love us, and I love our life. You’re a babe


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