Today’s World Beauty

Tonight I’ve realizing that there is even MORE beauty in the world than I’ve previously stated. My cute babygirl is fast asleep next to me and I just keep smiling when I look at her, she’s deep in her dreamworld so I just cuddle up to her, wrapping my arms around her for days. I look up at her and her mind is definitely occupied but I can’t help but feel an extremely warm, overwhelming feeling of love when I look at that face. Like I start to tear up, because I’m thinking…Wow, this girl is mine, she actually loves me, and I love her so much. So good morning Ally my dear, I hope you slept well. I love you so, so much and I always wanna be there to cuddle you when you’re asleep or koala you when you’re awake or just look at you and feel my heart explode, leaving rays of hearts falling from the sky through my brain. Does that even make sense? Not sure, but I think Ally is such a beautiful creature. Ally the feeling I get when I look at you is one of the most secure feelings I’ve ever felt. You look like my home, you look like your body is made to have mine perfectly hooked to the side as you dance through your daily life.

A little while ago my bro made me a pizza at Papa Johns and it’s actually really delicious, I forgot that food can be enjoyable sometimes. He’s a really cool bro and helps me with a lot. You know what else helps me a lot? Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy ice cream. Goodness, it is SO delicious. I need more of it. And I want more Just Chill drinks! Kinda weird for me to be craving anything. But I’m really appreciating all of life tonight.

Well it’s 12:05 now and I’ve done everything to get ready for bed except finish this blog post. I just want to say…I really hope to start volunteer work soon. I care so, so much about every human being, and believe mental illnesses and slut shaming etc are destroying the thin fabric of humanity. I think zoos are incredibly immoral! Like, seriously, trapping a living fucking creature for some human’s amusement and some zoo revenue? Horrible. I also think there needs to be better food everywhere. Fast food should not exist. So yeah I can freak out about all these problems, but then I look at the bright side. So many people get the help and support that they need, and I’m so lucky to sometimes be one of them. There’s so many charities and organizations providing things for important causes and that’s the beauty. I just wish there were more of it. I’m so privileged to have an amazing girlfriend, family, room etc that I can bask in in my days. I’m humbled by that. And I never wanna forget it.

I’m excited for my trip to New York next month! And that’s about it.

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