Again, Again

Fear in love, rust and sound; these things wouldn’t make me profound

Found again and again, but still I never begin; they say I’m flying high, but still, I never will win.

There’s no reason to panic, even though I’m always frantic. I look outside and the view’s pretty damn fantastic

Rhyming is a way of thinking out of the box, like how I have words such as “chicken pox”

Maybe that doesn’t make sense, but I didn’t come here for your defense

Again, again, again, again. We all want to start again

But we’ve begun. Our songs were sung.

And now we sit here in limbo like I’m some sort of bimbo

My mind may be pretty blank, but I still have thoughts to flank

I’m laughing

Is this a song? Is this wrong? Tell me what you think this is

I could explain to you the awful truth, but I’d rather let you rip out my tooth

It’s pained and I’m pained but still I never fly

I feel numb

But then I rise

Here I am, not only have I begun, but this is a song that can truly be sung

Here I fly. No reasons left to cry

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