Imagine a struggling author, or even SpongeBob in that episode where he had to do an assignment. Ideas will spring and out comes the words onto paper, although not all of them will be gold. I write down a scattered thought and then crumple up the piece of paper and toss it towards a waste bin. I try again and again, but I just keep getting mad/upset so I scribble over my scatter and toss it towards a waste bin. All of those ideas were never fully presented, but that’s me building myself up as a person. Other people may write some ideas on a piece of paper and then leave it at a desk and let it collect dust, but that’s okay because their ideas were never going to measure up to mine. So maybe other people can produce sheets and sheets of ideas but I work my hardest and I’m really happy with what I always end up with. These people’s ideas are all the same as each other. My ideas are unique like a color that nobody’s ever seen, so that’s what I like to give myself credit for. All these ideas, all these people, all this time, all this pain, and I am where I am now because of every second of every day where I prove myself to myself.

My words are all about hope and motivation. Isn’t it crazy? If you’ve read my posts from last summer you know how crazy things were! I’m so blessed to be moving up.

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