Imp Denial

Concentrate on your mind, for it will always make peace with you. Ignore every yelling imp, for they will always destroy you. Take another step why don’t you? You can’t see the ground but you can feel the air. You can feel everything that has ever happened, and it’s overwhelming. It’s okay to be overwhelmed my dear, for it is only a feeling that will someday pass. There’s so much beauty in the world and I often think/write about my beautiful baby girl. Things can get rocky, and things can be unsure. But I don’t have to know everything, I just know I love her to death. Her beautiful eyes pierce through me and leaves a ray of sunshine in my day. Any time I’m feeling bad, Ally you always make me feel better. You are so precious, like a bigass diamond. I want to stare at you and cry because I realize that you’re mine, and that’s the best possible thing that could ever happen to me.

Maybe you’re wondering what the point of all this is. The question is, do I even have a point? I want to leave an imprint on anyone’s mind and I want everyone to feel the happiness and sunshine that grows inside of me. So no, there’s not really a point, I just really want to express myself. Writing has always been a big outlet for me and when I start typing it’s like all these words and ideas explode in my head, making it shine over my beautiful city.deep inside me. The core of me, the absolute purity, it will set you free. What are you looking for? What have you done? Why won’t you forgive yourself? Who are you really? I don’t need to get any answers but I just hope people will think. I want my writing to make people think. It’s my pure expression and my brain is never disheveled. You don’t need to have a revelation in order to continue leaving your beautiful life. Get a new perspective or two. It’ll work wonders.

“As long as you’re here, as long as you’re here doing the same.” – Ivy Green

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