The Beauty She Illuminates

The world is beautiful. Sometimes it isn’t, but when I have the glowing reflection of the hot sun off my eyes I just can’t help but watch the beauty as it burns before me. I look into Ally’s beautiful and indescribable eyes and I not only see her firey passion but also the very, indelibly compassionate (and sometimes “shy”) woman who’s kindness and genuine love for so many things. Walking down the street with her is like she leaves a glowing trail behind her even when I run to the woods and she follows me to make sure I’m okay.

With her, even when I’m old and tired, I will still see how a house lights up like a million lanterns as she dances through the rooms. The fire in her eyes is so intense and I take it so seriously. She deserves the world. She deserves a world where everything is just lit up so beautifully, just like her. “All of those little things that you did got me through the hardest days.”

When the fire burns more brightly there’s an increased chance of getting burned, but as the flame goes up you can’t help appreciating how amazing she is. When the flame is small and she’s withdrawn into herself like a turtle or something, I wanna hold her and kindle her until her happiness alone can light up an entire house. Playing with fire could be dangerous, but there is absolutely nothing I would want to do more.

I love you Ally. “I’ll be the stillness when you’re shaking” “and when you go overboard, I’ll follow you down, down, down, down, down.”

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