I Am Abby

I am Abby. I have a blog with an awesome header and I’ve kept up on my shopping to posts. I have an awesomely decorated and satisfying room that I keep clean and organized. My skin is almost completely blemish free from tons of money and time spent later on finding the perfect product for it because I cared so much. I wear really cool clothes and have a unique fashion. I make a lot of people laugh including myself. I love watching things like Family Guy and I have just enough wit to love it. I’m beautiful, every part of me that I can’t change is beautiful, there’s no need to will it away. I’m really good at knowing things, with so much. I’m very knowledgable with drugs, mostly prescription, and could easily fly through school to be a psychiatrist and be an amazing one if I felt. I have the persistence and desire to be a model so I will. I’m assertive yet sensitive and am able to get what I want when making deals of any kind through persuasion. I was smart enough to become 6 months sober. I was smart enough to be isolated and still maintain my brain and let it flourish. I take pics of myself for my SFD blog and they’re getting to be pretty awesome and creative. I never thought I was creative but I let my creativity shine in so many ways. I’m always good with advice. I know how to handle a lot of things. I have strong opinions on things that matter and sometimes they’re disagreeable. I speak my mind and often get shot down by people stupider than me who think they’re smarter just because they have a shallow pool of life experience that looks like a lot because it’s wide on the top but my knowledge goes so deep underground that I’m on an entirely different level. I’m known as conceited but I don’t believe in stupid things like that. I do stupid things to get stupid things, sometimes. I can’t do what I love sometimes because I’m broken. Why do I hate myself at times? I can see that there is good in me. It’s illogical to hate myself. This hate is caused by so many events that it doesn’t even matter what’s on the table these days. Everything’s a little corrupt. I’m alone, I’m a mess, and maybe I’m nothing. But I have a lot to me and I won’t forget where I’m coming from, especially when it’s nearly time to change.

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