That Youthful Glow

I’m a bit of a control freak. That’s because all my life I’ve been out of control by both external events and my own brain chemical balance, so my OCD and other issues stemmed dispositionally and then were blown out of proportion as my life festered them. So, the good news is, I’ve found something to control to keep my control freakiness to a control sweetness, by focusing it on healthy things.

I don’t even remember if I’ve blogged about this before, but if I have I guess this will be a dupe. I think I posted and talked about how I always had an issue with skincare and that I would constantly be depressed to wash my face, and then I started a new medication that gave me the motivation to kick myself up in the mornings and fix myself at night. It was a huge deal to me once I got the hang of it. Massive. And since it was such a big deal, I made sure to always push myself to make sure to get that done because it gave me a sense of power and control and steadiness. It’s become a hobby that I’m “obsessed” with (minus the negative connotation of the word) and I’ve found ways to get excited about it. I’m using all my masks and special little treatments that I usually forget about, I got a new moisturizer from Kora Organics to replace my cheapy one and it smells amazing and works so much better, and more recently I got some more things from Kora Organics like their daily hand cream, vitamin enhanced lip balm, and energising citrus mist and I’m obsessed. My lips have always been really soft after I discovered The Body Shop’s hemp and cocoa lip balm sticks but this one from Kora gives a special kind of soft that’s slightly different which is cool, and the daily hand cream I totally needed because my hands keep getting splits and scratch-looking pains from being so dry. And finally with the citrus mist everything feels so must nicer. No more alcohol based toner, how annoying! This is so fresh and all of this just makes me so happy!

I’ll be posting my haul and review of those last three things on my other blog Shop For Days tomorrow but there’s your sneak peak. It’s just interesting to me, that I can take something that is controlling me and making me miserable as I lay there dead everyday, and begin to control it and make it into a game. Good smelling things and a clearer face…I wouldn’t ask for more. First facial ever will be next weekend, finally some unplugged pores! My skin is naturally bad so after a couple months of diligent washing and treating I still have some issues.

Maybe more of a random post but yeah there you have it. Happy New Years! I’m sad I didn’t go out and party like everyone else, but overall, I’m happy. This truly is a new era. A great and divine and significant new era.

P.S. This is my 20th post! How awesome!

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