Food, Persistence, and Gross Nuts

I’m becoming a bit obsessed with my health. But can you blame me? Feeling bad physically for so long and looking dead is goood motivation to push myself very hard out of the loser circle and maybe into the desperate and determined circle. Not sure how good that is, but all my life I’ve struggled with food, and all of this stops now. I am able to eat, I am able to give my body the nutrients it needs, I am able to earn patience enough to start yoga and things I love again, and I am determined enough to keep fighting all of this with all that I have. I’m kicking and screaming right now and once I have control I’ll be kicking everything out of my way that is trying to prevent me from my happiness. I know where my happiness lies and it’s a journey or a quest to get it. Food is a struggle for me but don’t be fooled… I am the bitch who doesn’t stop trying.

PS Brazil nuts are gross. They’re just not good. I’m never eating one again. Wow.


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