Who’s This Dude?

Who just loves to hear about my med changes? I know I do! Except not! But, I gotta say what’s on my mind. So here it is.

I started Rexulti a bit over a month ago I believe and I started at 0.5mg. I didn’t feel much of anything. Then I moved up to 1 mg, and I started to feel some positive difference! It’s like I was able to feel the feeling of “happiness” again. That being said, I still got angry for no reasons sometimes. I still took 2 naps during the day and was always tired no matter what I did to try to get around it (that’s a side effect from a different medication). I still have this stress and anxiety that can actually still get pretty bad. But this week, I finally moved up to 2mg, the dose my psychiatrist¬†wanted me to taper up to (is that a phrase?). That was on Wednesday and I haven’t yet seen much of a difference however I’m a lot more tired. I also currently can’t type very well and my eyes won’t focus and that is probably the early side effects kicking in, the ones that always happen when your body first has a medication change and eventually it fades away (most of it). That’s just my body though, everyone is different for sure. All in all, I’m really liking Rexulti and am wanting to continue taking it.

To get more in depth, let me say a few things about the past month. I started blogging a ton more on my other blog and I’m now really passionate about it. The fact that I can feel that fiery passion again is a really good sign. I also really got into skincare because I love my skin and it’s looking healthier than ever and I’m glad I’m making healthy choices like Kora Organics for my face and hands etc. I blog about them occasionally on my other blog. Miranda Kerr, the creator of Kora Organics, also has a couple of books that are a form of “self-help” as they would call it but I just think they’re beautifully written perspectives of someone with a lot of insight. I just finished her first one, Treasure Yourself, yesterday and it was amazingly written! I also just ordered her second one and that should be here on Tuesday.

Ally helps me a lot. I appreciate her so much. We’ll hate each other for a few seconds but then remember that we don’t actually hate each other and are able to talk everyday. It’s all water under the ¬†bridge now. She’s someone I adore and admire, the way she does things, the way her hand moves flows with kindness and integrity, she’s her own person and when she talks to people they find that out pretty quickly. She cares about me genuinely and I’m so grateful to have someone in my life that does. It means more to me than you could ever imagine, Ally, thank you for being such a wonderful friend. *pink heart emoji*

Did I mention I’m trying hard to be a model like I’ve wanted to since I was 9?

And that’s all folks.

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