330mg of Caffeine

We justify things however we feel. If there’s a couple different ways to think of feel about something but we want to do or say it without feeling bad, we’ll take any justification we feel fit to dumb an entire bag of Costco sugar in our coffee. Where is the coffee? It’s still there but nobody is paying attention to it because wow look, sugar! That’s all they can see and that’s the ruse we create to make even ourselves only see the sugar. And that’s okay to us and that’s a common thing, but should it be? I want to say it depends on what we define as right or what we’re covering for, but in reality the air is the air.

We do what we want and it really doesn’t affect someone until someone reacts how they want. The human mind has the ability to silence heartbreak, but it doesn’t, we don’t seem to know how to reach that area. Yet the air is still the air, and if you close your eyes, the air is as it was, even though your vision was blinded. So if everything just is and nothing isn’t, then the accomplice should be taken out of our minds. So what if someone likes a little extra sugar on their coffee? Focus on your own brain and coffee.

Life is all about problem solving. Your fear of taking medication could be very valid, and someone else might say you’re ungrateful because they can’t get medication for whatever reason, but that’s silly. That’s like telling them that they’re ungrateful because they can afford to have a large wardrobe and you can’t. It’s life, and yes we are allowed to be sad or angry or whatever about our situations in life, but that doesn’t mean we should compare our lives. The examples I just listed might seem random, but think of al the people you know. Think of schools and jobs and churches, all those faces, and how you see different cars driving up and down a street that you always go down, and see if you can comprehend that there are 7 billion people in this world. All of those people have different lives than you, can you imagine that many different life scenarios? Can you understand how differently all of us must think and how the heck that is possible? Your life is just different. You’ve probably heard that a million times, but you don’t understand it. None of us truly ever will. It’s a massive idea to take in. But let’s start by stopping the ignorance and the comparisons. Focus on YOUR coffee.

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