Hazed, Dazed and Crazed

It’s 8:33 AM and I feel weirder than ever. Never sure if it’s the new medication or a strange series of events that takes sharper turns than in the norm, but regardless, here I am, about to let the thoughts pour out. If they even decide to dislodge, that is. This is the first time I’ve decided to post something new on this blog without having a spurt of inspiration or any form of idea. I wanted to try it, though. I wanted to see what would come out from this natural state of tired delirium. Although it isn’t even really delirium, more like a hazed state where my thoughts are floating yet jumbled.

All I can think about is what I love, what I’m excited for. I’m listening to Ke$ha, talking to Ally, and figuring out if I’m going to be able to go to Half-Price Books soon. I love doing all of those things, yet I’m still in this weird state. Our brains are weird like that. Especially mine. Cause doesn’t equal effect with my brain. With my brain, cause can influence the effect that’s already taking place but the effect is stingy and unpredictable and hard to morph into any direction that I wish. It’s an interesting thing.

We have all these positive and negative associations, and when we’re surrounded by ones that fill us with happy memories we usually fall into the “happy” category. That is cause and effect. Why doesn’t everyone work that way at every point? Why are some things too intense of a driving-mood-changer and are able to pave your mood in any which way when some things, no matter how much we wish they be our saving grace, fail to make any sort of imprint?

Always debating on whether or not to make these posts longer. They’re pretty short. They’re pretty basic. Some people talk for hours. I probably could, but I want each post to be distinct. Distinct and powerful to the point I have. Although I’m tired, so I’m not sure if I have a point. But there’s a little insight on me away.

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