Take My Advice

It’s actually so funny how hypocritical I can be. And wow is that a fun way to start off a post… But the reality is, everyone is a hypocrite. We’re all so afraid of that word and afraid of being considered one yet the reality truly is that we can’t always avoid it. In a way, that could be a good thing. You make mistakes and you know where they lead so you warn others. Continuing to do the mistake doesn’t mean your advice shouldn’t be taken,it just means you’re struggling with something and haven’t quite figured out how to avoid it yet. However, you do know how much of a pain it can be, so it makes sense you send out the warnings.

They say practice what you preach, but that isn’t easy. I found myself today especially continuously reminding myself to take my own advice. I made a mistake, I said the wrong thing, there’s nothing at all I can do now except let it go and deal with the consequences. Sometimes the consequences aren’t even bad. Sometimes they are, but that’s just what happens. The key that we all want is how to avoid mistakes…but there comes a point where its too late to dodge the bullet and you just have to care for the wound. Yet, if you’re anything like me, you blow everything out of proportion. So maybe I’m the only one who got hurt by the bullet. Stressing and being hard on myself is worsening the wound, dragging out my healing time. I guess that’s lovely ol’ anxiety for you, it makes me basically feel like I’m putting a bullet in myself.

So why is it I dropped my phone and ran to this good ol’ blog to write this then? Why am I writing about advice? Why am I not talking about the lovely legalization of gay marriage in the United States (hell yeah to that by the way)? I honestly do not have a single clue. I had a reason, I was inspired, and I sprinted, but I lost that reason. I started typing in a way that would lead up to the big bang of a point I wanted to drag across the board, but I lost it. Let’s talk about me for a moment, I have so many things that I rarely remember what I want to say and just end up saying other things. But the thing about that is, I’m aware of that quality, and still choose to follow my inspiring urges. But why?

I trust myself to say things that are important. I only want to say what’s important. So here I am, risking my thoughts in a scattered blog post because I believe whatever goes through my brain and into my fingertips is something heartfelt. Because I think my heart is like pumping blood to my brain or something. Haha, I guess my point is, I trust myself. I’ve built myself in a way that allows me to be completely sincere and to be proud and enthusiastic about that. And that, is why I and everyone else should take my advice. Although, this isn’t a self-promoting post. I guess my other point is, I’m not perfect. However, that doesn’t take away the sincerity and meaning of the words I say daily, whether its a joke or a heartfelt confession, it means a lot if it’s coming from me. Many people will take advantage of that but somehow I don’t mind, because I do this for me. I speak for myself. I speak to express myself. I don’t speak to please anyone. If I give someone a compliment it’s out of admiration (another form of my sincere sincerity) not out of a will to please anyone. If I tell someone I love them it’s because it makes me smile to see their smile. And there ya go.

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