How Do I Start Anything?

I may not be 100% sure on what I’m even doing here. My brain always likes to jump to conclusions on how something can lead to a good thing. That’s not always the case, yet it gives me some sort of mix of excitement and happiness in the moment anyway. Maybe that’s why I’m doing this?

Or maybe I’m doing this because what I have to say is important. I don’t care who thinks it’s important and who doesn’t, I just know that it’s important to me.

I guess I could start with an intro. I always tried to write in journals but it never came that easy. I think my mind was always going faster than my pen and that got annoying. But what I had to say in my journal was these same things. I also tried having a blog for my writing, but the truth is I’m not good at writing on a lot of subjects. I only love to write about what I know, what I feel, and how it impacts myself and others. Everything is important, everything is a catalyst, why are we acting like it’s not?

I'm very glad I know how to make better blogs now
I’m very glad I know how to make better blogs now

I guess this right here is a hybrid. Taking my wandering papered thoughts and my timid blog pieces and turning them into whatever this is going to be. When writing in my journal I used to always pick a picture at the end of each entry and print it out and tape it in the journal. I think people really undermine the importance of imagery, all the associations tied to the pictures we see or take. I have a laptop full of pictures and am definitely going to put some here. I guess the whole idea was to take all the thoughts I had written down and try to see which thought(s) were most prominent in that moment that I was writing. In that moment that I was writing there were hundreds of thousands of thoughts floating around yet one usually stuck out at me. That’s when I’d find a picture related to that thing and use it. Going back through my journal I don’t even have to read much to remember my feelings of that time and in that moment, even. Sensory is incredibly powerful and I think that’s why I have a love for different scents and sights.

So basically, on this blog, I’ll be posting random entries like this. I’ll also be posting more themed entries like maybe an entry on a specific topic or something. The thing here is, I have some disabling issues that make me probably a little different than most 16 year old teens. I guess we’ll see how this goes.

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  1. Hiya Abby 🙂

    Congratulations on starting! 😀 (I remember once I visited a Christmas market — a popular thing in Germany back in the BC era 😉 — and there was this sign that said something like “today is the first day of the rest of your life” with a sunrise image or something like that)

    Well, I DLed some of your stuff to read ( + perhaps review) later … . Found your most recent post via a “somewhere else on WP” link (LOL)

    Oh and BTW: with G mail I can contact the GOOG (first of all) and then the GOOG does all sorts of crazy shit and THEN they send U the mail … not exactly ideal. 😉

    🙂 Norbert


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