A Side Note On Beauty

Looks don’t make you happy. Looks can be decieving. Looks are taken as a standard that we’re all supposed to conform to, with the conformity of beauty, but honestly… When people tell you that being “pretty” won’t make you happy or whatever, they’re not just saying that you don’t need to look “pretty” to be happy. It’s so stupid how people ask me why I’m so depressed and that I should be grateful for being pretty and blah blah, but then they tell their kids that money/beauty won’t bring them happiness. So why am I expected to be the happiest person in the world just because I have naturally beautiful eyebrows or a facial structure or something? Why am I expected to be all these certain things when I am, in fact, nothing at all. I’m nothing at all. I’m an 18 year old girl who’s currently depressed and brushing her extensions and if you really call me ungrateful then you’ve lost your shit because I ALWAYS talk about how thankful and grateful I am for everything in my life. But I never asked Santa Claus to make me “pretty” so I could be happy because I’ve always known that’s bullshit. Yes, I think I’m pretty! But that’s in NO WAY related to how happy or depressed I am throughout my life. The fact that nobody even explains this boils my blood. I’m sick of double standards. I’ll be depressed for my own goddamn reasons. Thanks.

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