The Werewolf & The Sun

i try to tell them that there’s no pointthat there’s no reason to shield their eyes from the sun on a cloudy day

in the end they all have nothing to say

as they watch their predictions fall flat and disperse

because when the clouds finally parted, you’d think it would be a time to rejoice

but it was night time when that happened so everyone went to bed

i wish they stayed with me instead

but even when my sun rays shine, it burns a hole through every vine

through every soul

they were excited for the sun to come out because they expected it to be pleasant

little did they know that if you get too close to the sun, you’ll burn

Not burn to ash, something far worse instead

My dears, every atom that you’ve ever had will be annihilated quickly

nobody believed that matter could die out because even when matter is scattered it’s still there

they were very wrong to assume that just because they were away from the sun and saw it occasionally,

that the sun would always be the same

but you see, my dears, the only thing that remains the same,

is how everyone wants the sun to shine

…and then it does

and they’re gone

they’re torn to shreds

the sun didn’t mean to

please don’t blame the sun

but i don’t blame you if you do

because i blame it too

the moral of the story is be careful

just…be careful

when the werewolf becomes the wolf, it can’t help but howl at the moon

it tears everything to shreds

but as the person awakens the next day to see the gore completely covering every inch of anywhere that they’ve ever been

the werewolf killed everyone that ever loved it

because even when the werewolf howls at the moon, somewhere else the sun shines too

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