My Love

I’ve grown from the child in me, I’ve seen so many things and had so many experiences. But when you meet your first love, things get crazy beautiful.

I feel so passionately about her and need a way to express it. Basically, I love Alexandra Marie Devon Smith. I love when she tells me about her day. I love it when she holds my hand. I love when people come up to us at concerts and say we’re an awesome couple because we were being cute. I love waking up in the morning to find texts from her, I love when she comes over or when I go to her house and the second I see her I wanna run and jump and spin her around. Everyday she opens the door, and I always rush to get in. I want to be close to her, and she doesn’t open the door for just anyone, so that must mean she loves me. Trusts me. I adore her. One of my favorite things to do is sit at the pond in the neighborhood and we just talk and talk about everything, watch the sun throw blankets of light. Look up at the stars… And with her, I feel safe. I feel empowered, she helps me take every step I take and knowing I have her support…That alone is enough to keep me alive. And my journey, quest, hope, desire, is that I’ll help her too. I wanna save her life, I wanna bring her Starbucks if she’s craving coffee, I want to go over to her house at 11 PM when she’s sad, I want to…I want to help Ally. In every way. I want to be her partner in crime. We’re together, we think together, and I can’t wait for us to live together.

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