About the Blog

First and foremost, if you don’t read all of these in order from date (which I don’t expect anyone to want to do haha) then you’ll probably be confused. If you decide to read 2 of my posts, one of those posts could be me raving about people and my life, and if you choose another one it might be me rambling about how much I hate those people and my life. My life changes constantly and I’m a very dynamic, extreme person and I either hate someone to death or love them to death. Just a little note, incase you’re ever wondering what the heck was going on. Hahaha.

Out of everything in this world, I chose writing as my outlet. Why? I’m still not sure. For whatever reason I became passionate about this and thus it burst into a bunch of blogs and journals. As I get older, I find more and more things to write about, but yet I want to write it all. So this blog is not at all constricted in any way from my thoughts and feelings and experiences, and I’ll share just as much as I want.

Basically, the categories will help you a lot if you’d like to see just some sort of my writing. I write all about my day-to-day experiences, my overall thoughts/opinion on something, my experience with new medications as I deal with my mental and physical health, my experience with shopping that day, and just my appreciation for music. I love a lot of things and have a lot of passion and I think some of my writing can be entertaining, some of it useful to others, or some just a good outlet for me and that’s a good enough reason for me to start this blog.

The name of this blog was actually just created because when people say “You worry too much,” at times where I’ve expressed my anxiety issues, and how some of my OCD issues make me always trying to keep things in balance (along with my overall yin and yang attitude) and I wanted to create a blog that represented me and represented different aspects of me, yet it’s balanced. So there’s that story if you were wondering.

Contact me at: paradiseoftoday@gmail.com

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